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Our franchise partners are just as passionate about food as we are. They want to see innovation and exciting new ideas pouring out of our test kitchen—and we’re making sure that we deliver on their expectations. We do it by providing a turnkey solution tailored to their particular location.

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From systems and infrastructure to suggestions on the proprietary Feedery brands that might appeal most to the guests in their area, we provide the support our franchise partners need to focus on what they do best: preparing incredible food and creating an unforgettable customer experience. That also means teaming up with unique, emerging brands that we can feature in our stores.

How it Works

  • We work with our franchise partners to locate and build a store in their area
  • We advise on the Feedery brands most likely to appeal to the foodies in their area
  • We provide all necessary support for store set-up, management and growth—from back-of-house operations to sales and marketing collateral—to set them up for success
  • Our corporate team works behind the scenes to build product partnerships and new food brands, increasing awareness of Feedery and driving business to our stores.
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We’re partners—and partners are invested in each other’s success

By working to dream up intriguing new dishes, our franchise partners can rely on us to continue creating world-class food brands to help them stand apart and achieve their bottom-line business goals.

By continuing to perfect our systems and find important operational improvements, franchisees know that we’re working hard to give them the tools to boost performance and profitability.

Partner up

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